X-Ray: Getting A Better Picture of Things

Cat XRayjpeg

Radiography, or X-ray, provides the veterinary staff at Caring Hearts Animal Clinic with a black and white, 2 dimensional, internal view of specific bones, joints and organs in your pet. These pictures help us to identify and properly diagnose the presence of broken bones, foreign objects, tumors, arthritis, kidney stones or bladder stones, and soft tissue problems.

Most of us are familiar with an X-ray, where film is used, developed, and an image is created and clipped up on the light board. We offer our patients the convenience of digital X-rays right in the clinic. 

We are on the cutting edge of veterinary technology for your pets. Our digital X-ray equipment provides immediate, clear images to aid in diagnosis. Digital images can be viewed on our computer screens or even a tablet, allowing us to isolate or enlarge and manipulate the images areas of specific interest on the image. These digital images can be emailed or put on a CD for your personal records.

This painless procedure is done in our office and most pets do not need any sedation. We did say most pets. For highly anxious critters or those who have trouble relaxing naturally, we can prescribe a sedative prior to the procedure. A chill pill, if you will.