Pain Management: They Can't Tell You They Hurt

You may not be aware that your pet is hurting. Pets are likely to mask or hide any sign that they are in pain. Routine clinic visits, and a comprehensive care plan, will help us identify when your pet would benefit from pet pain relief.


Caring Hearts Animal Clinic's top priority is providing your pet with comprehensive quality pet care. We will help educate you, so you can identify when your pet is in pain and we provide you a wide variety of pain management options. 

Like people, each pet is unique. Managing pain for each of us is individual, and so it is for your pet. That's why we provide our patients with several methods of pain management including:

  • Local anesthesia: Used in surgery to numb a specific area and prevent pain.
  • Pet medications: Utilized to fight infection as well as manage pain and inflammation. Our clinic pharmacy stocks most of the medications we prescribe and we can even help you with online ordering if you need it.
  • Physical therapy: PT is used to increase strength, flexibility, and stability while reducing pain in senior and post-surgical patients