Medication: The In House Pharmacy

pet pharmacy.jpg

Just like people, sometime your pet needs medication. Why do we prescribe medicine for your pet? Sometimes it's for pain management, illness or parasite control. No matter the reason for your pet's prescription, here are some things you need to know:

  • Pet medications (just like our meds) are regulated and should be given the same care as the medication the rest of your family takes.
  • A veterinary exam is required before your pet will be prescribed any medication.
  • Never give your pets medication that has not been prescribed by your veterinarian or approved for use. You can't give all human medicines to pets. Don't take a chance.
  • Dosage is important. Medications have different strengths and delivery regimens than your drugs. 
  • Routine visits and follow up blood work help us monitor the use of medications to make sure there are no bad side effects.

Caring Hearts Animal Clinic recognizes the importance of your dollar and works hard to keep our costs competitive without sacrificing the level of quality or service you or your pet receive. We have an in house pet pharmacy to benefit our patients. Some of those benefits are:

  • A large selection of veterinary medications, directly from drug manufacturers. This allows for the chain of custody to be protected
  • You can start prescribed medications immediately, without having to drive all over town, drop it off to be filled or order online and wait for delivery
  • Having your prescription filled by us ensures your pet gets the right medication and proper dose